Brain unplugging books

After my article on brain unplugging I thought I would share with you the last five books that I have used to that end. They really transported me away from my present and I couldn’t put them down! They are in a random order and all the links for purchase are below.

All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven


I picked up this book randomly in a bookshop in Auckland because it was on the bestseller wall and I liked the colours on the cover.. I know I know, never judge a book by it’s cover.. But the truth is we all do to some extent, I do anyway. If you have seen or read “The Fault in our Stars” by John Green and loved it, this book should be your cup of tea. We follow the lives of two teenagers, with their ups and downs, okay mostly downs, fighting together to make a sense of life. The story is heart wrenching, I couldn’t put  down. You get so drawn into these young people’s lives that you don’t see the pages fly past. A perfect book that stands out from the average young adult literature of vampires and perfect love stories. Originally a young adult fiction I think it will find readers of all ages.

on Amazon.

The Atomic Weight of Love by Elizabeth J. Church


Another Auckland book shop find, from The Women’s Bookshop on Ponsonby road (the most amazing store if ever you are in the area). This time it was more the title that got me than the cover. (To be honest with you I am quite afraid of birds so this time it was definitely not the cover that did it.) Throughout this novel set in the 40’s and 50’s we discover Meridian, a young woman starting university in America with great ambitions. With her we live and experience the changing roles of women at a time where expectations for them were very different to those of today. Love, career choices, secret government projects, this book has it all.

on Amazon.

Lily and the Octopus by Steven Rowley


A book from my aunt that came with water-damaged pages from a few tears, and a warning that my own tears would probably follow. The story is beautiful and heartwarming, if you have known the love that you only share with a pet then this book will charm you as it did me. It takes absolutely no effort to read and I might of actually read it in one go it was that good !

on Amazon.

The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah


Historical novel lovers this book is for you ! The story takes place in France during the Second World War and follows the lives of two very different sisters. It is hauntingly rich in details, and can be quite brutal, but that only makes it more riveting. The plot is risky, the characters courageous and human. There is love, there is loss, there is drama, there is hurt.. Everything is there.

on Amazon.

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins


A book given to me by a fellow traveller I met in a campsite in New Zealand. I must admit I was quite reluctant to read it as I knew that it had been a box office hit and a bestseller book, I often am disappointed after all that hype. This book though was far from disappointing. After the first few pages I was hooked. Narrated by an alcoholic woman who is going through a divorce and a professional desert, you discover her obsession with a family she watches through the windows of the train every morning and evening. The suspense is perfectly balanced and keeps going right until the end where the last plot twist is unbelievable! It kept me up several nights in a row with my head torch as I was battling sleep not wanting to put it down.

on Amazon.




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