Un-plugging your brain

In our contemporary world filled with visual overload our brains get quite literally overrun with information. It becomes necessary to disconnect our mind from over-solicitation. Pull the plug and go into “off” mode, where we don’t have to think, worry and question. Going back to a very calm cerebral state of alpha waves. The alpha wave bandwidth is typically reached when daydreaming or consciously practicing meditation or mindfulness. I personally have found that I suck at meditation, I can’t quite get the concentration needed, and get rapidly frustrated when I realize that my brain has been wandering elsewhere 30 seconds into the practice.

So I have found my own way of getting my alpha wave fix, finding this sense of divide in two different situations that both stem from the same basic template. Forgetting about my life by immersing myself in someone else’s.

The first way I can get my hit for this is reading a good easy fiction novel. Nothing too philosophical, actually as far from philosophical as possible, an honorable chick-lit for example, thank goodness for Jenny Colgan. Delving into a whole different life, sometimes a whole different era really cuts the cord with my world.

The second way in which I go about severing ties to my here and now is by indulging in really bad reality TV or a series. The best example of this is a good old episode of The Real Housewives of (insert city name). These women who are so far away in every sense of the term from my little existence, turn off my brain big time. I say and mean that in the nicest way possible. The drama is so over the top, the real-life characters are so large, the screaming and shouting becomes a lullaby to my grey matter. There’s something about it that sucks me in. I suppose that this is the notorious point of so-called “reality tv”. It is so far from anyone’s actual sense of reality that we are drawn to it in an inexplicable manner. It calls to us like a mermaid’s song to the sailors, it pulls on us, on our need for cerebral void. The clever and timeless combination of crazy women, rich-bitch fights and over-the-top laughing puts me into a trance. And to keep up my regular need for these shows they come up with new ones all the time : New York City; Orange County; Dallas; Beverly Hills; Auckland; Melbourne… !! Pick a city, I’m sure there are sufficient housewives to go around.

The irony of the the situation is not lost on me. I do realize that I require a pure product of our over invasive visual society to calm down my brain, high on the effects of an over invasive visual society. The world of media and TV have found the antidote to the symptoms of their own presumptuous virus.

What’s your way of cooling down that over active brain of yours? What do you prescribe?

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